About company

“ZEM-Energobud” is a team of highly-skilled professionals which common goal, well-coordinated work and constant striving for development have been showing high results in the area of energy construction for more than ten years.

The activities of our company can be divided into two areas:

Energy construction
Supply of power equipment

We see our mission in creation of modern energy facilities setting a new level of Ukrainian power generation sector which meets the highest international standards of efficiency, ecological performance, quality and safety.

The long-term experience of our company consists not only in working on the implementation of projects and launching various energy facilities: it is also a constant growth and expansion of our activities; it is the development that meets the needs and requirements of our clients, which are growing in the modern world day by day.In the early 2000s, together with the development company “T.M.M.” we carried out a number of energy construction projects and their successful implementation inspired us to create a new independent legal entity. Thus, the company “TMM-Energobud” was created on behalf of which, beginning in 2006, we continued to work in the energy construction area.

pipelines production for energy facilities

Having successfully and efficiently fulfilled about 10 new contracts, our company decided to go further and to offer our clients the supply of power equipment of a fundamentally new quality: high and medium pressure pipelines manufactured using modern technologies.

To this end, we organized the production of pipelines for energy facilities and in the period from 2008 to 2012, this direction of our activity has been put into commercial operation.

the implementation of EPCI contracts in the energy sector is carried out under a new trademark - ZEM-Energobud

During 2012-2016, we have successfully fulfilled more than 25 contracts; more than 10 thousand tons of pipelines have been manufactured and supplied to 5 countries.

The independence of the new direction became obvious, and in order to optimize and improve efficiency of our work, we have decided to develop different areas under different brands: power equipment should be supplied under the “TMM-Energobud” brand, and since 2016, EPCI contracts in the power sector should be implemented under the new brand of “ZEM-Energobud”.

Today, the same professional and well-coordinated team is performing under the trade name “ZEM-Energobud” as at the beginning of our activity 12 years ago; its composition remained virtually unchanged over the subsequent years. The experience of many years of successful interaction within the company provides an opportunity to improve, develop and move further towards the goals set relying on modern requirements and demands in the energy sector.

45successfully and timely completed EPCI-projects

The general vision of the new opportunities and responsibility became a core for that we already have 45 successful and timely completed EPCI projects in our portfolio.

Regardless of the direction of a project under development, the main value in the work for us is the fulfillment of our contractual obligations. Also important for us is the quality of our services and customers comfort provided with the project implementation, so we always build cooperation with our customers on the principles of partnership and searching the best solution in every situation; this ensures engaging in dialogue at all stages of cooperation to achieve maximum project efficiency without losing benefits for a customer.

The company adheres to the transparency principles in economic relations and has an anti-corruption program.