Reconstruction of the 110/10/6 kV substation “Vyshgorod”

Project status:
Period of execution:
December 2013 - May 2014.
OJSC “Kyivoblenergo”

110/10/6 kV “Vyshgorod” substation provides power supply to the Kiev hydroelectric station in the power system of Ukraine.
ZEM-Energobudᵀᴹ performed the work as a general contractor under the conditions of the existing 110 kV substation.

List of work performed:
  • Dismantling 6 oil switches of MKP-110 kV type with their foundations;
  • Execution of reinforced concrete fencing around the perimeter of the substation instead of the existing chain link fence;
  • Installation of 6x110 kV SF6 circuit breakers of 120-SFM-32B type, 6 sets of 110 kV current transformers of TFZM-110-B-IVU1 type, a set of 110 kV voltage transformers of NKF-110-II-U1 type with installation of new foundations for all equipment;
  • Construction of a new 110 kV linear cell;
  • Installation of a ground loop and new cable trays, re-equipment of portals and 110 kV busbars, re-bringing of two VL-110 kV overhead lines to the substation;
  • Supply and installation of boxes with clamps of type YaPV, YaOV, YaZV, YaO, and relay panels;
  • Performance of all start-up and adjustment works.