Reconstruction of 35/6/6 kV substation "3-Vertical"

Project status:
Period of execution:
June 2011 - December 2012
SE "Regionalnye Elektricheskiye Seti"

ZEM-Energobudᵀᴹ performed the work as a general contractor in the conditions of new construction.

List of work performed:
  • Execution of the construction part of the substation near the mine named after Frunze in full, incl. reinforced concrete fence around the perimeter;
  • Supply and installation of 35/6/6 kV 16 MVA transformer, 35 kV switching equipment for VRU-35 kV, and KRPZ-6 kV:
  • Installation of the ground loop and lightning protection circuit with masts of H = 16 m;
  • Start-up and adjustment work.