Reconstruction of old buildings and construction of the Production Complex "ZEM"

Project status:
Period of execution:
2009 - 2011
Limited Liability Company “TMM-Energobud”

ZEM-Energobudᵀᴹ performed a set of construction and installation work in the capacity of a general contractor to restore the existing production facilities and auxiliary buildings with a total area of 35,000 m² and a building area of 20 hectares with the subsequent commissioning of the object.

List of work performed:
  • Restoration of the construction part of the production premises and office and utility rooms;
  • Supply and installation of all technological equipment in full;
  • Supply and installation of 6 two-transformer 6/0.4 kV substations;
  • Reconstruction of 6 kV cells with supply of equipment at 110/6 kV “Malinovka” substation;
  • Laying of 6 kV and 0.4 kV cable lines;
  • Installation of external lighting networks, water supply networks, storm and black water disposal systems, and on-site utilities in full;
  • Construction and installation of pumping room with the installation of a water tower;
  • Supply and installation of a boiler room consisting of 2 redesigned double-header boilers DKVR and a gas powered electrical generator;
  • Improvement of asphalt roads, incl. intrasite ones;
  • Object commissioning.