Construction of ІІ stage of "Poznyaki" heating plant with a total capacity of 100 Gcal/h (116.3 MW)

Project status:
Period of execution:
November 2016 - November 2017
Limited Liability Company “Arkada-Budivnytstvo”

ZEM-Energobudᵀᴹ carried out the project as a main contractor in the conditions of new construction.

List of work performed:
  • Execution of cast reinforced concrete foundations of the boiler, pumping, and smoke exhaust sections, and foundations for two boilers;
  • Supply and installation of metal structures for the frames of buildings of the boiler, pumping, and smoke exhaust sections with a total weight of 575 tons, walls of bricks and sandwich panels, membrane roofs;
  • Supply and installation of treated, circulating and grid water pipelines up to DN = 1020 mm inclusive, with a total weight of 277 tons;
  • Supply and installation of water-heating boiler KV-G-116.3-150, and fan VDN-18 with frequency control and their full valving and piping;
  • Supply and installation of the gas duct components with its connection with the existing chimney H = 180 m;
  • Supply of materials and installation of water supply networks, soil system and storm sewer, on-site and intra-shop gas pipelines;
  • Equipment supply and installation of ventilation systems, gas fire extinguishing systems, electric lighting networks, grounding loop, time tagging, telephone, and fire alarm systems;
  • Equipment supply and installation of the 6 kV switchgear assembly, 0.4 kV switchgear assembly, two 6 / 0.4 kV dry transformers with a capacity of 1000 kVA, a 6 kV cable line, and execution of a full range of electrical installation work, including installation of two 6 kV cells at 110/6 kV “Yuzhnaya” substation;
  • Supply, installation and adjustment of the automated process control system on the basis of equipment manufactured by Honeywell;
  • Supply and installation of instrumentation and automation assemblies and equipment;
  • Performance of a full range of start-up and adjustment work for heat engineering, and electrical equipment and the automated process control system - the only one in the city of Kiev automated control system of this class;
  • Improvement of the territory, including landscaping and arrangement of asphalt roads;
  • Object commissioning.