Completion of construction of the “Poznyaki" RC with a capacity of 250 MW

Project status:
Period of execution:
May 2006 - December 2010.
JSEC “Kyivenergo”

ZEM-Energobudᵀᴹ performed the work in the capacity of a general contractor. The construction object that existed at the time of the commencement of work was the uncompleted construction project (since 1990), as a result, it was necessary to restore all the installed equipment. In fact, the work was carried out in the conditions of new construction.

List of work performed:
  • Restoration, completion of installation and piping of two KVGM-116 boilers (gas-and-oil-fired hot-water boilers) and 2 DE-25 boilers;
  • Supply and installation of heat engineering, electrical, and pumping equipment and chemical water treatment equipment;
  • Supply and installation of 3x6 kV main-line pumps with capacity of 1600 kW; installation of 6 kV warm-season main-line pump with capacity of 630 kW, 6 kV wash pump with capacity of 630 kW, and 2x6 kV recirculation pumps with capacity of 630 kW;
  • Installation of smoke exhausters and fans with capacity of 6 kV in the smoke exhaust compartment;
  • End of the construction part and installation of equipment in the pump rooms for public water supply with two 180 m deep wells, fire house, coastal technical water supply, on-site technical water supply, and in the sewer system;
  • Installation of a system for storm water cleaning from oil products;
  • Completion of installation of tanks for industrial water, domestic water, acid washing, slurry washing with a volume from 200 m³ to 15 000 m³, and tanks for chemical treatment of water (18 pcs.);
  • Installation of gas ducts from 4 boilers to the chimney of H = 180 m with their insertion into the chimney;
  • Restoration and installation (with equipment) of a cooling tower, compressor room, RUSN-6 kV balance-of-plant switchgear (2 pcs.), RUSN-0.4 kV balance-of-plant switchgear (3 pcs.), Installations of heat utilizers, a complex of repair shops, 4-storey administrative building, the accumulator unit building, 2x10/6 kV 16 MVA backup transformers;
  • Installation of water treatment complex;
  • Installation of steam lines;
  • Installation of the mazut-handling facility with two tanks of 5000 m³;
  • Installation of technical, circulating, network water, rainwater and soil system networks, grounding and lightning protection circuits, indoor and outdoor lighting, security, perimeter and fire alarm systems, time registering, telephone installation, radio fixation and public address system, 6 and 0.4 kV on-site power networks, 6 kV external power supply networks;
  • Installation of medium pressure gas-distributing station, on-site and intrashop gas pipelines;
  • Installation of automated process control systems with equipment manufactured by Honeywell;
  • Execution of all start-up and adjustment work on heat engineering and electrical equipment and the automated process control system;
  • Land improvement, incl. intra-site asphalt roads;
  • Object commissioning.