Supply of pipelines for construction of the ІІ phase of the heat supply station “Poznyaki” in Kyiv

Project status:
Period of execution:
October 2016 – July 2017
PJSC “Kyivenergo”


Supply description:

A delivery of DN 1020 mm pipeline units of network water of TMM-Energobudᵀᴹ own production with a total weight of 275.0 tons was completed.

Operating parameters of the heat carrying medium:
- Temperature up to 150˚С;
- Pressure up to 2.1 MPa.
Together with the elements of the pipeline, DN 1000 shut-off valves were supplied.
Units and shut-off valves for DN 250 - DN 600 intradepartmental pipelines with the following environmental parameters were also supplied:
- Temperature up to 150˚С;
- Pressure up to 2.1 MPa.
A total weight of the equipment supply for the intradepartmental pipelines amounted to 25 tons.
DN 700 mm pipelines for the general gas collector manufactured and supplied. The system provides natural gas supply to KV-G-116.3-150 water-heating boilers with a nominal capacity of 116.3 Gcal.
A total weight of the pipeline units supply for the general gas collector amounted to 37 tons.
Installation of the pipeline systems was performed by its own team.
After the completion of the installation work, our experts carried out ultrasonic testing of the welded joints, as well as hydraulic tests of the equipment for strength and tightness.