Quality control

Quality control of the services provided is an integral part of our work in all areas of the civilized world. “ZEM-Energobud” shows ownership of its responsibilities at all stages of projects, so we guarantee the highest quality of all equipment that we choose to complete the facilities we develop, and control of all processes of our work.

We ensure compliance of the works and materials that we use, and also products and structures with the requirements of project documentation, state sanitary regulations and other applicable regulatory documents, contracts for the execution of all types of work; we create conditions to prevent violations of the requirements of regulatory documents and legislation governing technological processes in construction and monitor compliance of construction products and services with customer requirements.

Our quality control system includes incoming inspection of working documentation, materials and equipment; operational inspection of individual construction processes and production operations, as well as current supervisory control.

For our part, quality is also controlled through verification and ensuring confidence in the qualifications of our engineering and technical staff; and disciplinary measures are provided for the events if facts of violations of the working procedures, the requirements of the state sanitary regulations and other regulatory documents were revealed.


All processes of the quality control system are regulated by an internal document which clearly distributes and delegates responsibilities within our company. It is just the clear distribution of responsibilities that makes it possible to easily check the compliance of all processes with the standards to which we are oriented and always to have accurate and up-to-date data on each stage and the quality of the provision of each service. The document is based on specific standards approved at the state level (DSTU ISO 9001: 2015; DBN A.3.2-2-2009. NPAOP 45.2-7.02-12. SSBP; DBN A.1.1-1-2009; DBN A.3.1-: 2016; VSN 123-90.).

The quality management system of "ZEM-Energobud" is certified (Certificate No. UA8O072.40025455.1-2018). Verification of compliance of the certified quality management system with the requirements of the standards is carried out by means of witness audits, the frequency of which is regulated by the Agreement on the use of the certificate.

Today, in all sectors that are somehow related to the power industry there is a global trend towards preserving the environmental background and minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

For our part, adhering to all the above-mentioned state standards, we also closely follow changes in eco-standards in world practice and try to create all the conditions to ensure that our work complies with modern European and global environmental requirements.